Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hey everyone! I know, I know! Its been FOREVER since i've posted last---please forgive me!
I hope everyone had an AWESOME summer, and I hope everyone is as excited as I am to be back in the action at RSU!!

Well, this past week was RSU's Greek Recruitment week, and both Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Sigma Alpha, and Pi Kappa Alpha have gained some amazing new members! =)

However, GREEK RECRUITMENT doesnt stop at the end of recruitment week---ANYONE can go through recruitment all year to be in a sorority or a fraternity at Rogers State University!!

Theres LOTS of information about the GREEK SYSTEM and the fraternities and sororities on the RSU campus on the RSU website! Ive posted a link below to the webpage......feel free to take a look around!! =)

Also, if youre interested in joining GREEK LIFE at Rogers State University, or have any questions, please contact the RSU Greek Advisor, Lynn Brown!

Lynn Brown
RSU Centennial Center, Room 201K

I know, I know... from now on im going to be doing a MUCH better job about informing you about all GREEK events and information going on around the RSU campus! Look forward to hearing from me! =)

The RSU GREEK LIFE information page:

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