Friday, October 9, 2009


Hey everybody!!Italic
I just thought I would tell you about tomorrow nights event----


Its this REALLY awesome concert/Fundraiser that the PIKE fraternity puts on every year! Its loads of fun, and its only 10$!

This years concert main band is HEAD OVER HEELS from Owasso!
***I hear they're kinda a big deal!***
The nights opening band is a band from PITT STATE UNIVERSITY and There will will also be a DJ after the band to keep the night alive! =D

You can buy tickets from any PIKE on campus, or the tickets are still 10$ at the door.

PIKEAPALOOZA will be held in the TURF ROOM (previously known as the GREEN room) at the Will Rogers Downs Casino. Everything get started at 7:00pm!

For those of you who are 21 and would like to drink, grab your ID and a DESIGNATED DRIVER and head over to the full bar.... those bartenders sure do know how to make the drinks!

*****DONT FORGET---- Lets be responsible, save some lives,
and have someone else drive us home!*****
I know this is going to be THE place to be this Saturday night--- and I hope to see all of you out there! =D
Any more questions about the event?! Shoot me a comment!


  1. I didn't think that the ASA's were allowed to advocate alcohol, even in a responsible fashion? Though thinking of that, you do work at a liquor store and wear your letters there... I guess ASA isn't concerned with the image that projects.

    In any case, Sounds like a fun night!

  2. Youre right.. ASA's FIPG policies prevent them from putting themselves at risk by supporting an event with alcohol. However, this was not an ASA event. This event was hosted by the PIKE fraternity and had nothing to do with the ASAs or the ASTs for that matter.

    I (a member of the GREEK system) posted this blog for informational for all RSU students to know about the event.

  3. The Alpha Sigma Alphas did nothing wrong. It was not their event if was for Pike Kappa Alpha. If you did not see, Paula is the blogger for ALL GREEKS. The Alpha Sigma Alphas nor did the Alpha Sigma Taus, have any participation in the Pikapalooza, so before you put a comment make sure you get the facts straight.

  4. I ageree...somone has no idea what they are talking about.

  5. I respectfully disagree. Paula, beeing an ASA and knowing full well the FIPG policies could (and im not trying to say should, just putting it out there) have simply stated the name of the function, where it was taking place, and who was hosting without any further comment. However she did not, she continued on,blantantly disregarded FIPG policy and supported that along with the function there would be a full bar for all patrons over 21. Key word there being supported (positive reinforcement of a thought or action). At least she did have the forsight to include responsible drinking and designated drivers.